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By balancing the body, you can heal from pain, headaches, poor digestion, low energy or fatigue, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression, and a weak immune system.

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“I am not sure where to start! Quite simply put, being under Dr. Tony’s care has given our family the gift of total wellness. Everyone in our family has had great success with the management and treatment of a multitude of health issues, from ear infections, ADHD, digestive troubles, poor sleep patterns, food and seasonal allergies, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety…the list goes on! Whenever we do happen to get sick, we are able to fight our illnesses quickly and naturally. Life Potential Chiropractic is truly one of the best investments we have ever made for our family. Thank you!”


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Chiropractic care committed to helping you get your life back!


Are You Experiencing Physical Stress? Back Pain, Headaches, Chronic Pain, Low Energy/Fatigue, Joint Pain, Numbness/Tingling, Poor Sleep, Weak/Imbalanced Immune System.

Are You Experiencing Emotional Stress? Overwhelmed, Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Depression, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, Poor Memory, Panic Disorder. Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed or perhaps you experience anxiety, depression or mental/emotional pain? We understand that stuck patterns of stress and tension in your body will negatively impact your life. Our innovative to care approach will allow you to release stored and memorized patterns of stress and tension so your body can heal and function optimally. By releasing tension and stress from your body and nervous system, you will begin to experience more mobility, decrease pain, increase energy, become resilient and adaptable to life’s stressors and increase your feelings of happiness, positivity and connection. 

Most people are forced to stop doing what they love when they are stuck experiencing constant pain, overwhelm, anxiety, headaches, fatigue and sleepless nights. And unfortunately, they are only given the options of medications that only mask the symptoms and create side effects that actually make you feel worse as time goes on. Our unique care approach helps your body feel and function optimally so you can start enjoying life, feeling happier and doing the things that you love.

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Our Guarantee:

If during this call our doctors feel like they can help you, they will let you know and go over our proven approach with you. If our doctors feel like we are not going to be the best fit for you, they will refer you to someone that is

If you landed on this website, the chances are that you want more out of life.

You’re fed up with fighting your way through life instead of thriving.

  1. You’re tired of stress playing like a broken record in your head and keeping you stuck.
  2. You are tired of not having enough energy.
  3. Being stuck in pain.
  4. Not feeling healthy.
  5. Always being exhausted and struggling.

And you’re ready for more.

If you’re ready to stop covering up the symptoms of pain, anxiety, sleepless nights, and are ready to step into your full power to heal physically, mentally and emotionally you’ve come to the right place.

Our focus is on optimizing your nervous system so you release stored patterns of tension in your body and achieve a greater level of adaptability to life’s stressors. Optimizing your nervous system holds the key to experiencing a better quality of life. So stop settling for constant pain, chronic headaches, low energy, anxiety/depression that is limiting your life, and get ready to access your own healing and experience greater health, inner fulfillment, and a happier life.

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Most doctors are only able to treat pain and anxiety while never understanding or getting to the root cause of the problem you’re experiencing. We go deeper with clients. Our approach focuses on rewiring your nervous system to activate healing, not covering up the symptom(s). We are truly different from most offices in how we work with our clients.

  • We want you to have a life that that you enjoy
  • We have supported 1000’s of clients
  • We have over a decade of clinical practice and experience
  • We have helped clients overcome anxiety, overwhelm, stress and constant pain and free themselves of unnecessary medications and their side effects


You can live better and feel happier!

The Plan: 1) Schedule your Video Consultation 2) Get a plan to start feeling and functioning better 3) Get your life back and live happier and healthier


Our approach to getting you the results you are looking for

Discovery Video Consultation: This is your first connection with our doctors. They will spend up to 45 minutes with you on a video call to authentically connect and understand what is going on and how they can help you. You will be asked questions about your life, areas of struggle and its impact on your life and the goals that you have for yourself. If at any point in time during this consultation the doctor doesn’t feel like they can help you or they are not going to be the best fit for you, they will let you know and refer you to someone in the community that they feel can help you. If the doctor feels like they can help you, they will help you get scheduled for your first in-office visit.

Stress & Tension Mapping: This your first in-office visit.Our doctors will be mapping out underlying pockets of stress and tension within your body and nervous system and determine the true cause of your symptoms. Your doctor will share the most important findings with you and outline their importance. You will have a full understanding about what is going on and your doctor will develop a plan of care so you can take the steps to live a happier and healthier life.

Re-Connections: You will meet with your doctor periodically to discuss your changes and make any adaptations to your plan of care. Our doctors will always help guide you to achieve your goals and to help you optimize your life for years to come.

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